New “TITAN M” Shipment

@Macchi – the Industrial Boiler Division of @Sofinter – is pleased to inform that, on February 28th, it has shipped 2 out of 6 “TITAN M” Package Boilers, as an initial part of a larger contract These TITAN M’s will deliver 173 t/hr (381,000 lb/hr) of 24/7, high pressure steam in a “Continued Cycle Operation” for a new Refinery under construction in Kuwait To be noticed is the extent of the “Plug & Play” Pre-Fabrication of the packages: 520 tonnes each (573 short tons), 20 by 14 by 12 meters (66 by 46 by 39 feet) and Ready for Operation as quickly as possible The TITAN M’s have been fully assembled and modularized in the new Porto Marghera facility (Venice – ITALY) as a final phase of an engineering, design and fabrication process completely Made in Italy The TITAN M’s have been transported to the Multi Service Terminal of the Venice Harbour, with the support of @Fagioli, where they have been loaded on the “Happy Dynamic”, a ship of @BigLift Shipping B.V.